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Amethyst Ear Stud Heart

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Featuring two meticulous purple amethyst ear stud heart shaped cubic zirconias set in genuine 925 sterling silver. Perfect for that special someone.

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Featuring two purple amethyst ear stud heart shaped cubic zirconias set on genuine 925 sterling silver.

Perfect for that special someone, these hearts have a unique and divine past.

Amethyst Ear Stud

The royal purple Amethyst has one of the richest and deep histories of any gemstone. First discovered Amethyst around 3000 BC, this accessible gemstone has been believed to possess a wide variety of magical qualities and properties. The ancient Egyptians believed Amethyst could keep a person from being poisoned. In medieval times, Amethyst was often put under one’s pillow to cure insomnia and therefore bring pleasant dreams. Medieval churchmen used Amethyst rings and jewels to promote divine revelations and wisdom. Amethyst was also said to enhance courage and creativity, to promote self-esteem, to deflect anger and protect the wearer against evil.

Through the ages, this lovely purple member of the quartz family has been used for everything from love charms to symbols of royalty.

Traditionally associated with royalty and luxury, the Amethyst has become the February birthstone in this century. Amethyst is tough and durable, wears well, and gives modern men and women the look of royalty.


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